Main features of the game

  • Grimshade is a tactical role playing game, in which you play as a party of adventurers, with intricate relationships between each member, in a most unusual setting.
  • A rich, deep, yet straightforward system of equipment-based skill and character role development.
  • Weapons and gear determine a character's effectiveness and their synergy with other characters.
  • Party composition, skill builds, character positioning - everything has a significant impact on the outcome of battle.
  • Developing relationships between characters will improve their mutual combat effectiveness and influence events in the game.
  • An entire world filled with exciting discoveries and awesome adventures.

Game tactics

Any journey is fraught with danger. When you meet hostile characters, the game switches to combat mode, which makes use of both the collected equipment and character progression. The battle takes place on a separate "field". It is divided into two areas, one for each of the opposing sides.

The player chooses from among the available roster according to equipment, tactical features, and even position on the battlefield. Battles play out with combatants taking tuns to act. Grimshade does not divide the battle into stages, creatures take action based on their initiative and speed, ending their turn once any action is performed.


The young leader of Valkiries "Bravo", special air forces of Bespierre's army, was the first to lead her small detachment on the offensive to the kingdom of Brann, having won this right in a honest combat with the other captains of the aggressor's army. As a result of betrayal, Silly was captured and sent to the Brann's Alchemists as a lab rat for them to study her abilities to operate Air Ether.

Valkyrie Drive

Can perform any melee attack while standing in any row on the battlefield if there are no obstacles between her and the 1st row and the resulting maneuver takes her in a straight line. This instantly moves her onto the 1st row and deals extra damage for every cell traveled.


Performing a ranged attack moves Silly one cell back if there are no obstacles there.

Evasion Boost

Silly can periodically perform a guaranteed evasion of any incoming melee attack while in the 1st row if the cell behind is empty. This moves her one cell back.


Silly has a limited amount of pilums at her disposal, that lodge indefinitely into enemies when thrown. She may retrieve lodged pilums when standing in the 1st row. Doing so deals extra damage to all foes she retrieves pilums from.

Explore the world of



After the Great Flood, being torn apart by the heirs of Amon Darvish the Great and long-running civil war, the Kingdom of Easeon split into three states. Ree'Fah witnessed the dark age for both livs and eleores. Nevertheless, after years of wandering, each group of people still managed to find a haven from the dreadful lands of the Hardfore continent, inhabited by monsters. Amazing technologies, the legacy of ancestors, secret knowledge of the world's nature, great and splendid objectives of the future were lost forever during battles for survival and hard work on settling the new society on the ruins of ancient cities, hostile wastelands, and dangerous mountain highlands.

Eighty years have passed. When old wounds almost healed and people just embarked on the road to prosperity, new enemy forces gained the power to enter the scene, threatening the fragile stability of every living creature's life in the world.